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Current Environmental Issues of Importance: Population Growth, Climate Change and Global warming- Effects, Urbanization, Automobile pollution. 3.Oxford University Press, 2012. but providing effective and scalable research training is often limited by.

MOSFET: depletion and enhancement type MOSFET- construction, operation and characteristics 2.Effective Technical Communication by Barun K. 10. property.Mitra( Oxford Higher.Oxford University Press 2. Effective Technical Communication-Barun K Mitra.Order and molecularity of reactions, Zero order, first order and second order reactions.Principle of operation, construction, e.m. f. equation, equivalent circuit, power losses, efficiency (simple numerical problems), introduction to auto transformer. 3.Laplace transform, Existence theorem, Laplace transform of derivatives and integrals, Inverse Laplace transform, Unit step function, Dirac delta function, Laplace transform of periodic functions, Convolution theorem, Application to solve simple linear and simultaneous differential equations.Circuit Concepts: Concepts of network, Active and passive elements, voltage and current sources, concept of linearity and linear network, unilateral and bilateral elements, R, L and C as linear elements, source transformation.

Basic Principle of Holography, Construction and reconstruction of Image on hologram and applications of holography. 06 Hrs.Introduction to Nanomaterials- Basic principle of nanoscience and technology, creation and use of buckyballs, structure, properties and uses of Carbon nanotubes, Applications of nanotechnology. 06 Hrs.To study speed control of dc shunt motor using (i) armature voltage control (ii) field flux control.Introduction to the design and implementation of correct, efficient and maintainable programs, Structured Programming, Trace an algorithm to depict the logic, Number Systems and conversion methods.Introduction, Definitions-projections of plane surfaces-triangle, square rectangle, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon and circle, planes in different positions by change of position method only (No problems on punched plates and composite plates.) 1-Sheet.B.A.PROGRAMME (COMPULSORY LANGUAGE AND DISCIPLINE COURSES) The Restructured B.A. Programme Effective from July 2004 University of D.

Study of phenomenon of resonance in RLC series circuit and obtain resonant frequency.Properties of Materials: Strength, elasticity, stiffness, malleability, ductility, brittleness, toughness and hardness.Following essays form the suggested text book with emphasis on Mechanics of writing.Superconductivity and Science and Technology of Nanomaterials.Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, by Cotton, F.A., Wilkinson G., Murrillo, C.A. and Bochmann, Wiley, ehichester, 1999.Current English Grammar and Usage with composition by R.P. Sinha, Oxford Univ.Personality Development and Soft Skills is designed to serve as a textbook that.

Effects of human activities on environment-Agriculture, Housing, Industry, Mining and Transportation activities, Basics of Environmental Impact Assessment.Leibnitz theorem, Partial differentiation, Eulers theorem, Curve tracing, Change of variables, Expansion of function of several variables.Fundamental ideas about optical fiber, Types of fibers, Acceptance angle and cone, Numerical aperture, Propagation mechanism and communication in optical fiber.It will be conducted in tandem with the theory course so the topics for problems given in the lab are already initiated in the theory class.Simple butt and Lap welded joints. 3. Oxy-acetylene flame cutting.Dynamics experiment on collision for determining coefficient of restitution.Effective Technical Communication by Barun K.A Collection of.Rationale of English and Soft skills for Students of Higher Education. and Language- A tool of communication got. Barun K. Mitra, Oxford University Press.A sample sequence of topics and lab classes for the topic are given below.

Linear differential equations of nth order with constant coefficients, Complementary functions and particular integrals, Simultaneous linear differential equations, Solution of second order differential equation by changing dependent and independent variables, Method of variation of parameters, Applications to engineering problems (without derivation).Discrete mathematical structures with applications to computer science.Three Phase Synchronous Machines: Principle of operation of alternator and synchronous motor and their applications. 8.Simple Stress and Strain: Introduction, Normal and Shear stresses, Stress- Strain Diagrams for ductile and brittle material, Elastic Constants, One Dimensional Loading of members of varying cross-sections, Strain energy. 3.

Barun K. Mitra. Effective Technical Communication is designed to serve as a practical guide and useful.E-Z nomenclature, R.S. configuration, optical isomerism, chirality and its implications, conformations of butene.Machining: Basic principles of Lathe-machine and operations performed on it.Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Home. The specification in this catalogue, including limitation price, format,.

To study running and speed reversal of a three phase induction motor and record speed in both directions.General layout of electrical power system and functions of its elements, standard transmission and distribution voltages, concept of grid (elementary treatment only). 2.Stability of reaction intermediates e.g. carbocation and free radicals.Effective Technical Communication by Barun K. Mitra,. Immunology and immunotechnology by Ashim k.The topics taught in the theory course should be appropriately be sequenced for synchronization with the laboratory.

Introduction, Isometric scale, Isometric Projection of simple plane figures, Isometric Projection of tetrahedron, hexahedron (cube), right regular prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, spheres, cut spheres and combination of solids (Maximum of three Solids). 1-Sheet.Oxford University Press. 2. "Modern Communication...Dimensions of Essay Writing: Literary, Scientific, Sociological: Contemporary.Two Dimensional Force Systems: Basic concepts, Laws of motion, Principle of Transmissibility of forces, Transfer of a force to parallel position, Resultant of a force system, Simplest Resultant of Two dimensional concurrent and Non-concurrent Force systems, Distributed force system, Free body diagrams, Equilibrium and Equations of Equilibrium, Applications. 5.Introduction to Programming, Use of high level programming language for the systematic development of programs.Environmental Protection- Role of Government, Legal aspects, Initiatives by Non-governmental Organizations (NGO), Environmental Education, Women Education. 3.Mitra. Oxford University Press. teknik belajar dan membaca technical writings mulai dengan.Elementary ideas and simple applications of u.v., visible, infra-red and HNMR spectral techniques.

Torsion: Introduction, Torsion of shafts of circular section, torque and twist, shear stress due to torque. 3.Bessel and Legendre equations and their series solutions, Properties of Bessel functions and Legendre polynomials.

Dielectric constant and Polarization of dielectric materials, Types of Polarization (Polarizability).Familiarization of a computer and the environment and execution of sample programs.Friction: Introduction, Laws of Coulomb Friction, Equilibrium of Bodies involving Dry-friction, Belt friction, Application. 3.This webpage is dedicated for my students to help them in various subjects i taught.