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Sometimes shell tools are the right tool for the job, but I find that I can do almost anything I need to with Python (same can be said of Perl, too.

I had to work on a slow HP machine once, and replaced a Perl script with a shell script that constructed an awk script and then executed it -- the latter ran in about 60% of the time of the former. - Nightwriter

Make cheat-sheet available in Word and PDF formats, but not HTML.I made that cheat sheet with Word in less time than I would have in LaTeX.

This has helped me recently when I wanted to modify every even line in a file that matched my regex.As an example, I know a guy who brags about programming in ten different languages.


Well, I guess it is more of a flowchart, but you get the drill.Surely, knowing computer science, the data structures and algorithms makes you a computer science expert.As far as speed is concerned, Perl and Python run at near C speeds.Grep PPID field in HP-UX. I know next to nothing about sed and awk.

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The simplest awk task is selecting. you can get away with forcing sed, cut, and grep into a form to get.Or, in other words, you can address every Nth line of a file, starting at addr1.But as a replacement for sed, perl still can be the right choice.The problem with the computer science expert with a handful of tools compared to a hacker with a bag full of tools is that the cs expert would indeed solve the problem, but a hacker would do it much much faster.

Do you have something funny to share with fellow programmers.Prolly a good idea too, since scripts written in a 4GL tend to be more portable than shell scripts (compare the GNU userland with the FreeBSD userland, for example).Another advantage of perl is not having to remember the different notations in sed, awk, grep, and find.That guy who brags about 10 languages is no hacker, just a Joe Average.

Some time ago I had to write a report generation system, and reports went straight to print, so I learned postscript and made templates on it, it was fun, postscript is an awesome language.I believe you can surely develop competency in many tools but I disagree that you would revert back to the ones you know best.

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Similar to the sed cheat sheet I shared in the previous article here, this article will be an awk cheat sheet.And I am not talking about production solutions, just a working solution, could be worlds ugliest. (talking a little abstractly here).

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Linux awk command help and information with awk examples, syntax, and related commands.Plus it would be good exercise, I always do that to learn new things.Learn Computing Cheatsheet (Bash, regex, sed, awk, grep, find, unix commands, etc.) facts using a simple interactive process (flashcard, matching, or multiple choice).But knowing one million tools makes you an ultimate hacking expert.

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An A-Z Index of the bash command line for linux. aspell Spell Checker awk Find and Replace. getopts Parse positional parameters grep Search file(s).Some little known Solaris utilitieswgrep is a windowing grep that is.

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The awk command processes and analyzes text files. How to Write AWK Commands and Scripts Commands.We will deal with only a few basic commands here, but that will suffice for.

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That was really silly to put Word the first in the list for sed.Home Scripting Solaris Script to get disk details in Solaris.I really need to make me a quick reference cheat sheet like I have for Vi.

Perl can do sed-like things using a sed-like syntax, but it can also do much more when you need it to.Perl is great for doing quick throwaway shell scripts and things.

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Use old-skool command-line driven application, that will run on virtually any unix or unix-like OS, anywhere.

Another advantage of perl is not having to remember the different notations in sed, awk, grep,.

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You could have just put the PDF download there, or, as others suggested, some HTML preview.And when you know a good bunch of them you suddenly can solve most of the problems faced using knowledge gained from these tools.Beginning javascript with dom scripting and ajax from novice to. sed and awk.And I have a strong feeling a hacker with million tools would beat a computer science expert with 4 tools to death on 95% of given problems.

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