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Is there any way to make a product validation purchase without having to deal with the market purchase window.

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Models are components that are responsible for handling the data for the app. queries result in compile time errors instead of.

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If your doing this in onCreate the Activity may not have been bound to the service yet. you could create a callback for when the service is bound, or add it to a queue and do it when the service is bound.

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However, I came across a problem that may be looked up in your sample and may get people into problem.SMS composer, programmatic screenshots, native activity views, rate this app.Android Question Help App2App. (data.hasExtra(FLAG_RESULT_ERROR_MESSAGE)). #startService for null, APP_NAMES. [ColorAdjust]...You have mentioned that it can be uploaded to market as test app.I am getting strange error while creating an Email activity for an. cannot be NULL.

A Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) client is a GCM-enabled app that runs on an Android device.Subscribe to my blog for notifications of new posts, updates and unique unseen content.

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The code is much easier to follow than the spaghetti that is the Google sample app.To write your client code, we recommend that you use the GCM APIs. The.

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Problems with in-app purchases. Check that you have a WiFi or mobile data connection which is active and working.To keep the code a bit tidier all constants are stored in a class called C.

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I have been trying to impliment Play Billing Library, instead of creating a separate BillingManager like in the example, I add it it to the main activity since I have.Hi peter, i am facing that same problem can u plz share how its resolved.

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Apparently BillingHelper.latestPurchase is null in the handler.You know you can build your app live but not obfuscated to rule that out.

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But I really want to just give an alternative to the tutorial that is on the site.I receive a NULL or incorrect data error when I try to read JSON data in.Were going to create and app that has one button, when you click this button it informs the android market you want to make a purchase.Another case: when I try to purchase with Id android.test.purchse then I can test buying, but after this event when I receive the sign data etc. then it says Signature failed.

Other resources Switch to QuickBooks Online Find a QuickBooks expert Apps.It is also possible that a certain data condition constitutes an error in your application,.Going to try and walk you through creating an inapp payment method with the new android market payment system.

So as you mentioned added the base64 public key in code after that what modification i need to do, so that i can upload this sample app in market and test in real time, So can you please help me in sorting this out Thanks in advance.

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Hi I have downloaded the project and trying to run in the emulator.

In the attached source code your main activity uses an object mHandler, this is not mentioned in the blog post itself.Now the billing works perfectly but the restoreTransactionInformation not.The onActivityResult method has a result code of Activity.RESULT., see In-app Billing Reference.YOU NEED TO EDIT ONE LINE, to add your public key from your market account (edit profile).The billing helper uses a handler to send callbacks on completed purchases.

But when I try to buy real item in my game, billing window shows me item name correctly.

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And finally, this code I took from the Android sample project.

So your simplified code performs the exact same operations as the Dungeons example just in less code and easier to understand.The version you run on your device has to be a signed release apk that you have created.Result resultCode, Intent data). you will need to override the OnActivityResult method of the Activity of the app that initiated the.This guide shows how to add Analytics to your Android app to measure user activity to named screens. (set to null).I just uploaded ur application (didnt publish it) and copied public key from account and run the app.Now to get this to work you have to add to your activity class.User fills in their details You dont have to worry about this.Android Tutorial Android In-App Billing v3 Tutorial. It seems Google caches the data to save traffic on their.This is a great tutorial, but i am really confused while implementing in app purchase.

Hi Lisa, please check the code on the blog post itself, I think there is a null check missing on the array in the download, but it is in the sourcecode on the site.Android Question in-app purchase subscription error. purchase activity.There is an AIDL file that you have to include your project, this gives you access to the Remote Methods of the Android Market service.I think you must wait a couple or. hours before the item is available XD.Eternal Crusade is a medieval fantasy 3D MMORPG mobile game. often gameplay very lagging regardless data or.But I found a bug that if I exit the app, it will crash, and said billingservice that was originally bound here.In order to tell the Android Market what you are buying you need to be running the billing service. ( A service that talks between your app and the android market) This looks like.I want to attach the inapp api with restore transaction for only managed product.